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What are people like at CBC?

At CBC, you will find believers, seekers, students, postdocs, singles, families, professionals, internationals, native New Englanders and transplants from across the country.

What is a CBC Sunday morning service like?

Typically, a service begins with contemporary worship music, followed by a few announcements, a time of offering, a sermon and a closing song. At other times there may be a time of sharing praises, testimonies, or prayer requests. On the first Sunday of each month we celebrate communion. Services are approximately an hour and a half long.

...and how do people dress?

Relax, dress is casual.

What happens after the service?

Typically, after the service there is a light brunch. It's a standing and mingling time, not a sit-down affair. It's a great time to meet new people and make plans to get together. It's also a time when you can speak with Pastor Dan or one of our elders/leaders.

How do I get to CBC?

CBC is located at 459 Putnam Avenue, which is the corner of Magazine Street and Putnam Avenue in the "Cambridgeport" area of Cambridge. CBC is easy to reach by car, on foot or by public transportation.

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By public transportation: Take the Red line to Central Square. From Central Square CBC is a 10 minute walk down Magazine Street to the corner of Magazine Street and Putnam Avenue.

Click here for more details, including information about parking.

What about my kids? Are there children's programs and/or a nursery?

Bible Blast for parents and children andYouth class for 6th - 12th grades meet at 9:30am during the school months (starting September 21, 2014).  Both children and adults gather together for the main worship time. After the music portion of the service, the nursery is open and there are programs for children up through 6th grade. Older children remain in the worship service.

Click here for more information about children's Sunday morning programs.

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