Fellowship Hall Transformation

Back in March we decided that the time had come for the old drop ceiling in our fellowship hall to go, so we could replace it with a new one, along with updated lighting and fresh paint for the walls.

As you can tell, this ceiling had seen better days.

As you can tell, this ceiling had seen better days.

To our pleasant surprise, when the ceiling came down we discovered that what we above it was in relatively good condition, and had great historical detail!

A professional finish wasn’t in the budget, so we made the decision to do the work ourselves, slowly, and restore the ceiling. Many, many, many hours of work followed. Some of the people you see pictured here have put in dozens or even over a hundred hours of work.

By late September, the hall was looking much improved.Here’s a picture from our Fall Kickoff on September 29th.


Progress has continued since this date, but there is still more to do! If you can help out some Saturday we’d be grateful. There is finish painting to be done, and we are still hoping to install new lighting and sound dampening panels.

But more importantly, we look forward to using this room even more extensively for fellowship and ministry!